Fabrication & Repair


We had the opportunity to work intimately on many homes, buildings and furniture by Rick Joy (www.RickJoy.com), Rob Paulus (www.RobPaulus.com), Les Wallach Line and Space Architects (www.lineandspace.com), Will Bruder (www.WillBruder.com), Page Repp (www.Repp-inc.com), Doug Wilford, Wilford Construction (48 E. Ft. Lowell Tucson, AZ), and others in and around Tucson and Phoenix. Our projects varied greatly in size, scope and style and were always challenging. Some of these projects are available for public view: The Barrio Bar and Grill (all exterior metal work Rob Paulus), Tucson City Hall Entry Way (stainless metal work) Line and Space Architects, Rick Joy Design Studio (all interior and exterior stainless metal work), Convent Studios.

Fab Architectural