Lets Get Started

Request for Information.

Purpose: Define Problem(s)/Solution(s) Gather Information

1. Basic Research.
2. Organize Information.
3. Answer Basic Questions:
Is it possible to engineer, design, build request? Y/N. Is additional Research necessary? Y/N.
4. Report Findings; existence of a material, process, system, design which can or could overcome the problem.
5. Specifically state what LC can do to overcome the problem.
6. Start a Basic Plan.
7. Estimate Cost/Feasibility

 Request for Proposal.

Purpose: Proposal to Overcome Problem(s)

1. Complete Research.
2. Full Report.
3. Answer Comprehensive Questions:
How large can it be made? How much will it weigh? How will it work?
What has to be done?…
4. Define LC tasks to complete: research, engineering, design, prototyping, testing, manufacturing required to complete the task set.
5. Assign tasks: LC /Others.
6. Complete Project Plan.
7. Time Line / Gantt Chart
8. Estimate cost
9. Define cost/value stages
10. BOM – Supplier list

 Request for Quote.

Purpose: Quotation Pricing, Terms, Specifications

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